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Meet Our Coaches

Here to Motivate, Inspire and Support

Everyday our coaches create opportunities for growth by establishing an engaging, positive environment where students feel safe, comfortable, and confident. We have amazing coaches, who are not just knowledgeable in the sport of gymnastics but also very caring and enthusiastic about each child's development. They are truly dedicated in helping every student exceed their personal goals - learn more about them below.

Nikki Estes

DP Team Coach

Sarina Row

DP Team Coach

Marcus Collins

DP Team Coach

Rafael Orcozo

DP Team Coach

Kelsey Schroeder

Xcel Team Coach

Chloe Flesher

Xcel Team Coach

Greg Martinez

Men's Team Coach

Zach Engers

Men's Team, Boys Recreational & Tumbling Coach

Jessica Purzycki

Pre-Team Developmental Coach

Katelon Richards

Xcel & Recreational Coach

Brian Nguyen

Xcel & Recreational Coach

Alicia Thompson

Girls Recreational Coach

Nikki Szentes

Get in Touch

Recreational Coach

Bridgette Stone

Xcel Team  Coach

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