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Meet Our Coaches

Here to Motivate, Inspire and Support

Kelsey Schroeder

Office Manager, DP Strength & Conditioing Coach

Everyday our coaches create opportunities for growth by establishing an engaging, positive environment where students feel safe, comfortable, and confident. We have amazing coaches, who are not just knowledgeable in the sport of gymnastics but also very caring and enthusiastic about each child's development. They are truly dedicated in helping every student exceed their personal goals - learn more about them below.


Nikki Estes-DP Team Coach & Choreographer


Sarina Row-DP Team Coach


Emily Wright-DP Team Coach

     Emily grew up in AZ & started gymnastics at just 5yrs old. She began competing by age 6 & continued until she was 14, as a level 9 gymnast.

She began her coaching career at 21 & has loved everything that has come it! She admires the sport because of the discipline, hard work & grit it takes to be a gymnast. Her favorite part of being a coach is seeing the improvements over time & watching  athletes achieve their goals right before her eyes. The excitement of a new skill never gets old! She will always hold a special place in her heart for gymnastics.

She is married with 3 amazing kids & also has the pleasure of coaching her daughter. In her spare time she loves going up north, camping, wathching reality TV & spending time wih family. She is currently in school with the goal of being a labor & delivery nurse & dreams of  living in the pines. Right now she is excited to be working with so many amazing gymnasts!

Brenna Ryan

DP and Xcel Team Coach

Darrell McCall

Xcel Program Director and Team Coach

Teri Dodd

Xcel Team Coach

Lauren Granata

Xcel Team Coach

Chloe Flesher

Xcel Team & Girls Recreational Coach

Ashley Kellock

Xcel Team & Girls Recreational Coach 

Katelon Richards

Xcel Team & Girls Recreational Coach

Greg Marquez

Mens Team Head Coach

Gina Diaz

Zach Engers

Boys, Tumbling & Girls Recreational Coach

Tots & Mini Devo Coach

Heather Deal

Tumbling & Girls Recreational Coach

Kaylee Dickherber

Girls & Boys Recreational Coach

Aubree Arnett

Girls & Tumbling Recreational Coach

Sophia Cerda

Girls Recreational Coach

Isabel Maguire

Girls Recreational Coach

Kapri Espinoza

Girls Recreational Coach

Maya Szentes

Girls Recreational Coach

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